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Please find below the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find the answer here to what you are looking for then please fill in our contact form.

Do you deliver the wedding flowers on the day?

Yes, the Sofi & Flora team will deliver to you on the day, unless your wedding coordinator has organised to collect them on your behalf.

Do you provide wedding packages?

We prefer to work one on one with our couples to achieve exactly what will suit your personality, wedding style and overall theme and so we quote according to your requirements.

How much is a wedding bouquet?

Factors such as what style you are after, what time of year you are getting married, and what your flower choices are can all influence the final price of your bouquets. Most blooms are seasonal so choosing flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding will help keep costs down. You can view our Wedding Bouquet Galleries to see what blooms are in season at the time of your wedding.

Why can a florist in my town source a flower type when your chart says they aren't in season?

Please keep in mind that the Whitsundays is a remote region and all the flowers are freighted here. As such, whilst some blooms may be available for extended seasons (particularly in the Southern part of Australia) availability varies in tropical northern Queensland both as we source from different growers and also because some flowers do not travel well and we know from experience they do not arrive as wedding quality.

If your favourite blooms aren’t available for your wedding, chat with the Sofi & Floral team about alternatives, there are always options of other beautiful blooms.

Why are there some flowers that you don't recommend?

Whilst we love all flowers, unfortunately some flowers don’t love it up here and simply do not cope well in our tropical climate. Based on our experience there are some flowers that we do not recommend as they do not withstand our climate and will drop and wilt easily and we will warn you about this so that you aren’t disappointed on your special day. If you would still like to incorporate them within your flowers we are of course happy to do so.

Do most people still get buttonholes for the Dads and corsages for their Mums?

We think it’s a beautiful tradition and it does make your parents feel a part of your special day. This is still on trend for most weddings these days.

I want a bouquet that looks like it has been picked out of the garden, can you do this?

Whilst we can create a whimsical style of bouquet, please don’t fooled these bouquets are artistically created to withstand being carried around for up to 8 hours. Please keep in mind that even though they look beautifully natural and unstructured there is a lot of hidden work by your florist to create this style of bouquet.

I want to make my own floral centrepieces for my wedding, do you have any advice?

Firstly, keep in mind that creating centerpieces if you are not experienced will be very time consuming and flowers need to be prepared prior to arrangements being made. Even if you are creating unstructured styles this does still require a skill that comes only through training and practice. Your special day goes by so quickly that our advice is to enjoy yourself with your family and friends and leave the work to us.